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Nursing Supervisor ER

Job Description and Requirements

Job Holder:

Nursing Supervisor


2.1 Report to : Director of Nursing/Designee

2.2 Accountable to : Director of Nursing

2.2 Responsible for : All staff that report to the Department of Nursing out of hours

2.3 Liaises with : Administration, All Hospital Departments, Support Services, patients, families and visitors.


Responsible for the overall operational management of the hospital during all out of hours shifts ensuring that patients receive the best level of care within the resources available and staff receive the level of support they require.


4.1 Assesses the overall state of the hospital on each shift prioritizing particular areas for support as appropriate.

4.2 Recognizes and assesses workload on a continuous basis throughout the shift providing visible leadership, professional support and additional help as appropriate.

4.3 Acts as trouble-shooter in all areas investigating and resolving all problems/issues/incidents to the extent possible; liaising with Patient Affairs and advising significant others where necessary and appropriate.

4.4 Responds to all emergency situations supporting staff in clinical emergencies and guiding and directing staff in other situations where appropriate.

4.5 Becomes familiar with the condition of critically ill patients anticipating concerns of staff, patients and/or their careers.

4.6 Identifies actual and potential risk issues and environmental hazards initiating appropriate precautionary measures.

4.7 Establishes a visible professional relationship with nursing, medical and administrative staff serving as a role model in the areas of punctuality, interpersonal skills and personal appearance.

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4.8 Practices and promotes open communication with all staff disciplines and encourages teamwork in a collaborative harmonious work environment.

4.9 Ensures a safe working environment and enforces safe working practices for patients.

4.10 Communicates problems to Nursing management promptly (i.e.: occurrences, negative staff attitude, policy breeches and takes immediate action to correct the problem).

4.11 Assists staff in resolving personal and professional problems and participates in teaching and orienting new members of staff.

4.12 Actively and positively participates in the development and implementation of the Department of Nursing strategic plans.

4.13 Maintains one’s own professional development through educational activities and the development of an inquiring mind. Maintains professional license.

4.14 Complies with the standards laid down by the Approved National and International Accreditation Agencies.

4.15 Reports any occurrence not consistent with the operation of the hospital or standard of service of patients, employees or visitors and situations which put patients, staff or visitors at risk for injury or other harm.

4.16 Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.


Essential Highly Desirable
5.1 Registered Nurse and Current License x
5.2 Post Registration Clinical Qualification x
5.3 Education to Degree Level x
5.4 Management Education x
5.5 Valid Registration in Saudi Council x
5.6 Middle Eastern Culture and Values x

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Essential Highly Desirable
6.1 Minimum of 3 years Relevant Acute Hospital Nursing Experience as Nursing Supervisor
6.2 Change Management Skills x
6.3 Excellent in Written and Verbal English Communication Skills x
6.4 Diplomacy and Negotiation Skills x
6.5 Problem Solving and Facilitation Skills x
6.6 Ability to Motivate x
6.7 Ability to Challenge in a Professional Manner x


Essential Highly Desirable
7.1 Evidence of Refined Leadership Ability x
7.2 Evidence of Financial Management and People
Management Skills
7.3 Adaptable, Versatile and Flexible x
7.4 Non-hierarchical/Collegial x
7.5 Open and Collaborative x
7.6 Confident and Personable x
7.7 Articulate, Humorous and Energetic x
7.8 Able to give and take Feedback x


This job description is subject to periodic review and may be changed at any time in consultation with the employee.