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ECHO Cardiographer

Job Description and Requirements

Job Holder:

2.0 Title: Echocardiographer

3.0 Organizational Relationships

3.1 Reports to: - Head of Cardiology Division and through him to the Chief of Internal Medicine/designee.

3.2 Responsible for: - No staff

3.3 Liaises with: - All physicians, paramedical staff and the patients as needed.

4.0 Job Summary

Echocardiographer should have a good knowledge and be able to perform techniques echocardiographic studies, both by M-mode and 2 dimensional Echo. Be experienced in doing Echo/Doppler studies, both pulsed and continuous wave Doppler. Perform a state-the-art color flow mapping of cardiac and vascular structures. Well versed in Transeophageal Echo (TEE) studies and experienced in doing a quality recording during stress echo cardiographic studies. Continuously reading regarding new techniques and have knowledge about 3-dimensional Echo cardiographic studies and other intravascular echo cardiographic techniques. He/She should be able to become a member of an active group in a mutual understanding fashion.

5.0 Duties and Responsibilities

5.1 Perform outpatient and in-patient echocardiograms using department or portable echocardiographic machines.

5.1.1 Evaluate echocardiographic recordings and have necessary measurements, such as; chamber dimension, wall thickness, injection, fraction, size of effusion, etc. He/She should be able to recognize and diagnose various cardiac abnormalities, such as Pericardial effusion, ventricular hypertrophy, aneurysms, tumours, intracardiac thrombi, ventricular function, wall mention abnormalities, valvular prolapse, stenosis and regigitation with accurate evaluation of the velocity and gradients of blood flow, valve area and the size registrant lesions etc. He/She should be able to diagnosed congenital cardiac lesions of the anta, various congenital valvular lesions, transpositions, hypoplastic left heart syndromes etc.

5.2 Do other diagnostic non-invasive examinations such as ECG and graded exercise technical rules. He/She should be able to differentiate normal from abnormal and normal from artifact, ST segment elevation or depression from baseline.

5.3 Check emergency cart for expired and/or lacking emergency drugs and CPR equipment’s.

Position Description No: 7195-0050
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5.4 Ensure training CPR and basic arrythmias and response to cardiac arrest within the division.

5.5. Report to Senior Echo Technician regarding low level of supply inventory in the area of responsibility for proper action.

5.6 Report to Senior Echo Technician for any equipment and area malfunction for proper maintenance and repair.

5.7 Prepare monthly report for statistics, inventory listing, etc.

5.8 Perform paper works associated with non-invasive studies like logging, typing, and filing reports, giving appointments for non-invasive examinations, calling patients from wards, etc., in the absence of a secretary.

5.9 Cooperate among the staff in a mutually understandable way in the division.

5.14 Comply with the standards laid down by the Approved International Accreditation Standards.

5.15 Identifies any occurrence not consistent with the operation of the Hospital or standard of service for patients, employees or visitors and situations that put patients, staff or visitors at risk for injury or other harm through the chain of command.

5.16 Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities.

5.17 Through the chain of command and/or occurrence variance report, identifies any occurrence not consistent with the operation of the hospital or standard of service for patients, employees or visitors and situations that put patients, staff or visitors at risk for injury or other harm.

6.0 Education / Licensure

6.1 Bachelor of Science in Echocardiography

6.2 Completion of accredited program in cardiovascular technology, ultrasound technology, or related health care field. Registration with the American Society of Echocardiography and acceptable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

6.3 Certified Cardiovascular Technologist or its equivalent is preferred but not essential.

7.0 Professional Experience

7.1 Must have a minimum of three years of extensive experience as Echocardiographic Technologist according to or similar to above job descriptions.

Position Description No: 7195-0050
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8.0 Specialized Knowledge:

8.1 Fluent in oral and written English.

8.1.1 Knowledge of Arabic language is helpful.

9.0 Conditions:

9.1 This job will become effective on the date signed below by the SFHP directors.

9.2 This job description is subject to periodic review and may be changed at any time in consultation with the employee.