Security Forces Hospital
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Senior Registrar ICU

Job Description and Requirements

Job Holder: Senior Registrar
Medical ICU
Immediate Supervisor Head of ICU
Subordinate/s Registrar & Resident Physicians
Liaises with Hospital Administration, other Chief of Services, Department Heads, & hospital employee as necessary
Category Administration


Job Summary:

Duties and Responsibilities:

The employee will:

1. Provide consultation and attending care for critically ill cases within his/her competence.

2. Provide comprehensive and diligent medical care to all assigned patients, including post operative care and such emergency procedures within incumbent’s competence including, but not limited to the following:

2.1 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

2.2 Maintenance of the airway including tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.

2.3 Placement of intravascular catheters and monitoring devices.

2.4 Central venous catheters/ Arterial catheters

2.5 Temporary dialysis catheters

2.6 Tube thoracostomy

2.7 Therapeutic bronchoscopy

2.8 Percutaneous tracheostomy

2.9 Cricothyroidotomy

2.10 Renal replacement therapy

3. Provide supervision to interns, trainees, residents, registrar when filling-in request and follow up of results of laboratory and related diagnostic examinations.

4. Ensure that admission notes for all new patients include differential diagnosis, and possible lines of investigations are available.

5. Conduct daily rounds under the supervision of ICU Consultant.

6. Act as deputy for his superior, if necessary.

7. Keep informed to current developments in the field of critical care medicine and participates in discussions, lectures and in-service training.

8. Participate in committees assigned to him within the department and/ or the hospital wide committees.

9. Receive consultations from other departments for critical care and responds to them. Assesses, reassesses and reviews patients in ER and wards for expert opinion.

10. Communicate with consultant intensivist and other departments, when needed.

11. Identify patient and family's needs for education, and then provide the patient and/ or his family with the necessary information regarding the nature of their illness & documented in the chart and inform the nursing staff/s with the result of the discussion of the meeting.

12. Respect the patient rights according to the hospital policy and inform him about his responsibilities when needed.

13. Participate in all quality management activities within his/her department.

14. Be aware of standard precautions for infection control and implement the infection control (IC) guidelines in his day to day activities.

15. Abide the duties according to duty rota and shares workload / replace duties in case of vacation of other specialists.

16. Abide rules and regulations as narrated in Medical Staff Bylaws.

17. Acknowledge his/ her role in hospital internal and external disaster plans and supervise his/her subordinates.

18. Perform job within the scope of his/her granted Clinical Privileges.

19. Abide to the hospital dress code.

Education and Licensure
• Required: University Master’s Degree in his specialty or Equivalent
• Desirable: Higher qualifications in his specialty, if any.

Professional Experience • Required: Minimum two (2) years in his/her specialty after obtaining Master’s Degree.
• Required: Registration in Saudi Medical Council and/or current license to practice medicine in Saudi Arabia. Current valid license to practice medicine in the area of his specialty.

Specialized Knowledge
& Skills
• Fluent in English
• Good Communication Skills
• High level of interpersonal experience
• Computer skills

Evaluation Methods:

Position Type Period Evaluator Method
General Position Annually
Immediate Supervisor 100% Performance Appraisal Form
Supervisory Position Annually Immediate Supervisor 50%
Subordinate/s 50% Performance Appraisal Form
( for Supervisors )